Referral Program


One referral payment per qualified referral. 

A qualified referred client and spouse must not have been a client of any Veronica’s Insurance location before. He/She/They must obtain a New Business Auto Insurance Policy with more than $135 BF and 6 months or 12 months policy period. Not valid for month to month Policies or less than 6 Months.

Payments are issued via check from Corporate or Franchise Locations 30 days after the Activation of the Referred Client.

Only a qualified referral partner is eligible to receive a referral payment. 

A referral partner may fail to qualify if they knowingly mislead an employee or if they provide false information. 

A referral partner does not qualify to receive payment for his or her new policy.

A referral partner must provide at the minimum their full legal name, a current mailing address, and a copy of a photo ID. Other requirements may apply for multiple referrals. 

Upon payment at or over $600, a completed W-9 will be requested. For total payments of $600 or more, a 1099-MISC will be reported to the IRS and sent to the referral partner. 

If both the referral partner and referred cannot be reasonably identified, no referral payment will be issued. 

Other promotions or programs may exceed the referral program. Only one referral incentive will be paid per qualified referral. 

Veronica’s Insurance Services INC, Veronica’s Insurance Franchise LLC, GetMore Media INC, GetMore Products INC and Gal Insurance Services INC’s employees do not qualify for the program. 

The referral program for the current 2020 year is active from Feb 1st, until further notice.

Referral checks may be voided 90 days after issue. Payments must be claimed by December 31 of the year the payment was authorized.