What kind of Insurance do you need?

Veronica’s Insurance can help you protect your assets and comply with commercial regulations. The main commercial insurance coverage: Workers’ Compensation protects employees from on the job injuries and illnesses. The policy pays directly for medical bills, rehabilitation from injuries, and lost wages.

Commercial General Liability covers losses due to negligence, products, completed operations and premises of the business. Business Automobile coverage insures against negligent operations of business owned automobiles by owners or employees.
Professional liability insures against errors or omissions by the business in its professional
capacity to give advice, engineer properly, consult, plan or otherwise render services.

Lawyers, doctors, engineers architects, even insurance agents need this coverage.
Liability adds layers of liability protection above the underlying automobile, general, professional, and even employers liability under workers’ compensation. Sounds pretty complicated so far, right? It is and that’s why the professionals at Veronica’s Insurance help you design and implement the best combination of policies for your protection. Let’s look at the property you might want to protect: Building Equipment, Personal property like desks, sofas, chairs, conference tables, computers and other electronics. Data Money, cash, securities, valuable papers, heavy construction equipment. Each of these forms of valuable property, your assets, have a unique way to insure their value.

How about your income? If a fire destroys the physical location of your business, can you insure the income lost until you reopen? Yes. But you need to talk to our experts to design your insurance program for cost effective risk management.