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How to express love for your car?

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Whether it’s love at first sight or a relationship that you have developed over the years, no one can deny that drivers love their cars.

There are numerous studies related to love and, in the case of automobiles, it has been shown that motorists show affection towards their machines in the same way as to close friend or even a family member. More than a third of the drivers in the United States revealed that they have “humanized” their relationships with their cars by offering words of encouragement, praise, apology or thanks.

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Communication is a key factor in the relationship between men (or women) and their cars. Many admit that they openly express their love for their vehicles. Approximately 30% of drivers support their cars to perform well, but what other ways do they show their love?

Support: Drivers show their affection in different ways, showing that sometimes actions speak as loud as words. Three out of five drivers said they gave verbal support or physical gestures to boost the operation of the car, make it turn on, accelerate or not fail, either stroking the board or the steering wheel.

Flirting: More than a third of drivers praise their cars. Confidence, superior performance and appearance are some reasons why motorists flatter their vehicles.

Thanks: Have you ever been grateful to arrive at a place in time, after bad weather or little fuel? Almost half of the drivers have thanked their cars for the work done and almost to third have apologized to their car for driving in a risky way or for having an accident.

In terms of long-term relationships, they are increasing. Nine out of 10 drivers plan to keep their cars as long as possible, so it’s not surprising that more than three-quarters of drivers have included in their biggest goals along with having a baby, getting a job or having a new pet.

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In fact, for some the lasts longer than other important people. One in 10 says that their car has been with them despite the breakup with their partner and this passion to maintain it has become a national trend. Currently vehicles travel hundreds of thousands of thousands (on average 250 thousand) before they are thought of changing them.

But what is the secret to a long-term relationship? Without a doubt the preventive maintenance, so a good idea to show your car how much you would care to give it to complete revision and a constant maintenance.