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rv insurance

Veronica’s Insurance is there to provide quality RV insurance. If you own or rent a recreational vehicle in California, it is important that it be insured, just like your automobile. Veronica’s Insurance is there to provide quality RV insurance just like we do for your everyday vehicle. Depending on how your RV is used there are different requirements and recommendations that the state of California suggests. The state has provisions regarding whether or not your RV is parked in a single location, or is mobile and ready to travel. They also take into account whether you own your recreational vehicle outright, or if you are renting or financing it. All these requirements can be confusing, especially when you just want to enjoy your RV.

But Veronica’s Insurance knows exactly what type of insurance you need to comply with those requirements, and will work with you to get the best deal possible. Of course, while minimal coverage keeps you covered with the state, comprehensive coverage is the best option. By speaking with a Veronica’s Insurance representative, you can see many reasons to invest in quality coverage that will keep your RV protected in the case of storm damage, vandalism, theft, or fire damage.

There are also options such as roadside assistance and vacation liability. No matter what your insurance needs may be Veronica’s Insurance agents take the time to look at you as an individual to find the perfect fit.

Veronica’s Insurance is committed to keeping Californians insured. Since 2007, we have formed strong relationships with our customers and take pride in our personalized service approach. While larger commercial insurance customers may tell you about all the standard deductions and can plug in all the numbers, at Veronica’s Insurance, we know there’s nothing standard about an RV owner, and we take the time and effort to look at your specific situation in order to find the perfect coverage fit at the the lowest rate possible. Veronica’s Insurance.

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