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Insurance companies acknowledge this fact and provide many ways to eliminate the risk of loss to this asset. Yes. At Veronica’s Insurance home insurance policies can be designed to reflect your property values and taste for risk. Some of the options are:

Which property to cover

The structures, the contents, or even specialty items.


You can choose the amount of loss you are willing to pay. As the deductible increases, the premium decreases.

Medical payments

This covers medical bills for anyone injured on your property. It is a no fault coverage and no one has to sue you to get the medical attention they may need. You have many options to choose.

Valuation of property

You can choose between replacement cost coverage, actual cash value (replacement cost less depreciation), or in some cases, a stated amount of value on specific items.

Liability limits

You can increase the liability limits on your
homeowners policy or you can choose to buy an umbrella policy to increase your overall protection. Veronica’s Insurance experts can help determine how much liability is adequate.

Perils Insured against

You can choose bundles of perils – causes of damage, for example fire – which best suits your tolerance for risk. Essentially, for a lower premium, you can choose to name the perils covered, but then in a claim instance, you must prove the cause of loss covered by the policy. Or, you can choose “all risk” with exceptions such as government
interventions, nuclear war, or termites and other inherent vices. In the “all risk” case, the company must prove the peril is not covered by an

Veronica’s Auto Insurance staff is always pleased to help you determine the best program for you.