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Veronica’s Insurance staff can design the right policy for you. No, not all insurance is the same. California law requires all automobile owners to purchase minimum liability limits to operate vehicles on public roads, but similarities end there. Veronica’s Insurance experts help you design the coverage you need to protect your car, passengers, and other people sharing the road. What are the options in designing your automobile insurance? Liability Automobile insurance pays for physical damage to other cars and injuries, medical payments and liability settlements caused by the car owner’s negligent driving.

The insurance policy covers these costs up to the policy limits plus legal defense fees. Choosing adequate liability limits is important because when the insurance runs out, your selling your home, investments, and your salary can be partially taken to cure the loss. Veronica’s Insurance helps determine adequate liability limits for you.

Comprehensive and Collision Insurance- Newer vehicles cost a lot of money, and can be a significant investment. Collision insurance protects your investment in your car by paying to either repair or monetarily reimburse you for the car if it is damaged beyond repair in the event of an accident, the vehicle overturning, or even a hit and run event.

Collision covers the loss regardless of who caused the damage. “Comprehensive”, more correctly known as “other than collision” coverage protects against perils which are not excluded in the policy language. Some examples of covered situations include: hailstorm, falling objects or missiles, floods, collision with animals, theft, fire, vandalism or riot. Glass breakage falls under this coverage. Uninsured Motorist- This protection covers losses due to other people’s negligence who do not have insurance. When an uninsured person causes damage, you must either pay your collision deductible, repair the car at your cost, or file uninsured motorist claim. This coverage applies to medical bills due to injuries as well. This addition to the policy is as though uninsured drivers were covered under your policy. Underinsured motorists are covered by extension under this coverage as well. Veronica’s Insurance staff can design the right policy for you.

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